January 13, 2015

Website Portfolio

MiAGon Design has been designing websites since 1999. We specialize in providing personal, organization and small businesses with an affordable and professional website presence. Additionally, we provide assistance with social media integration and use, as well as maintenance.

This is just a sampling of our work:


This is a sampling of websites designed by MiAGon Design.

All Med Staffing Services
Following the launch of a new business, All Med Staffing Services was ready to engage their clients online with a fully responsive website to help fill their staffing needs. Needing a site to convey all their service offerings as well as engaging medical professionals for staffing purposes, All Med Staffing Services was looking for a fully responsive and interactive website. MiAGon Design delivered, using the WordPress platform.
Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic
When the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic needed to upgrade their site to a responsive and transactional site for their members, they approach MiAGon Design. Transitioned from an older HTML website to WordPress, the ACDRC now enjoys a fully engaging and manageable website for their organization's needs.
Atlantic Coast District Dental Association
A customer since 2003, the ACDDA approached MiAGon Design for assistance in completely revamping their website from an aging HTML flat design to a modern responsive website that emulates the design of the current American Dental Association. The results? Their new site is branded to match the ADA's theme and meet all accessibility needs.
AVL Pets
AVL Pets is a Western North Carolina exclusive online pet community catering to Asheville, NC and surrounding communities. The most comprehensive pet community and directory in the area, AVL Pets is the only pet site that fulfills every pet's needs. Not just cats and dogs... but every imaginable pet. With an emphasis on the local community, AVL Pets officially launched in July 2017.
Broward County Dental Association
The Broward County Dental Association was an early adopter of websites. Their outdated HTML site required updating and enhancements to meet their business needs. The first upgrade came via a Joomla! based site in 2008. Most recently, in 2016, the site was updated and redesigned in WordPress for a more responsive design.
Central Palm Beach County Dental Association
The Central Palm Beach County Dental Association required an upgrade to their HTML based website to something with increase functionality and member engagement. In 2012, the site was transitioned from HTML to Joomla! with little updates to the site since. Currently in the process of engaging with CPBCDA for a WordPress transition and update to the site.
COMCOR Events is an award winning event planner who reached out to MiAGon Design in 2003 for assistance with their in-house grown website. Lacking all sorts of functionality, MiAGon Design completed a hybrid Flash/HTML site that has not been modified since 2006.
Dr. Andrew Adelson, DDS
Dr. Adelson was new to the website scene. With a successful dental practice, Dr. Adelson reached out to MiAGon Design for assistance in developing a basic website. After the initial HTMl site design in 2011, MiAGon Design helped Dr. Adelson enhance his online presence with a responsive WordPress website.
Florida Academy of General Dentistry
The Florida Academy of General Dentistry has undergone multiple platform transitions. In 2006, the site was converted from Mambo to Front Page, to allow their Executive Director to manage the site themselves. The site later transitioned to Joomla! when MiAGon Design was hired to manage their content. By 2015 they needed a more responsive and interactive design that was achieved through a transition from Joomla! to WordPress.
Insurance Credentialing Specialist
In 2006, Insurance Credentialing Specialist was seeking assistance for a website update to their dated HTML site. The first of the updates migrated their site from HTML to Joomla! In 2016, the site was ready for another update. This time, the site was migrated from Joomla! to WordPress to provide them a more modern, responsive and engaging design.
Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group
The Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group is a South Florida based amateur radio group operating since 1982. Their dated HTML website needed a complete overhaul and with hundreds of entries and photos from events, management of content was crucial. The site was redesigned from the ground up and all content migrated into a customized WordPress site in 2016. The new responsive website has increased member traffic now that they are able to access from mobile devices.
South Palm Beach County Dental Association
The SPBCDA is part of the Florida Dental Association and works closely with other South Florida dental associations, for which MiAGon Design has, at one time or another, provided services such as new website design, complete redesigns, and maintenance. Following the completion of ACDDA's website redesign to match the look of the FDA, the SPBCDA wanted to implement the same theme. Despite the sites looking alike, the site required a redesign on the navigation structure as well as the content management, as each organization is slightly different in their offerings.
STL Fitness and Body MechanX
STL Fitness and Body MechanX is a local Florida certified and award winning personal trainer who needed to reach out to a more diverse audience. MiAGon Design helped develop their WordPress website while integrating with social media and building out their online social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.
The Brain Mat
The Brain Mat is a trademarked product used in brain training and developed by Dr. Lisa Rankin. The product is part of her practice, but needed an independent solution to market the products aside from her practice. The solution was he development of a simple WordPress responsive site to sell and provide customers with additional resources via membership to the site. This allowed customers to see various training exercise videos that were both public and some private, for members.
Tiny Bubbles Aquatic Academy
Tiny Bubbles Aquatic Academy has been teaching infants, toddlers, children and adults with aquatic survival skills and swimming lessons since 2006. When our son went to obtain his lessons in early 2011, MiAGon Design assisted in first transitioning their site from an HTML-based proprietary online web building host to Joomla! In 2016, as a means of boosting their business and curtail new competitors in their region, the site was redesigned in WordPress where various marketing plug-ins were leveraged to increase exposure and track traffic.
Treasure Coast Dental Society
The Treasure Coast Dental Society is the latest of my clients who are part of the Florida Dental Association and requested a complete site redesign with the current FDA branding styles. They have a fully functional responsive WordPress site that also provides for user accessibility.

Projects under current development

The following is a list of current projects under development and the platforms in which they are being built on:

  • Blue Ridge Oils
    A new essential oils personal care product line is under development… and so is the website. Word Press driven and optimized.
  • Dr. Roy C. Blake III, DDS, MSD
    The old HTML website is getting a complete overhaul in WordPress. The website is currently undergoing review and changes to its branding.
  • Boca Smiles Family Dentistry
    After an extended period without a website, a new fresh WordPress website is being developed for Dr. Raymond Lee.
  • Swap Farm
    A new barter website project is under development and running under Word Press. The concept is quite unique and designed to fill the missing gap in today’s barter-based culture.
  • Communication With Spirit
    When a small local group of mediums wanted to open a community-based metaphysical website, MiAGon Design stepped in to get the design and concept going. A small, simple website presence was established and the site is under development awaiting official launch.
  • Toolerz
    An online directory that caters to handymen everywhere is under development. Peeps With Tools wants to fill this gap with a niche-centric site that helps handymen list their services and for potential clients to reach out to them.
  • SFC Financial
    An accounting and bookkeeping agency is currently under a redesign contract to update the branding and content.
  • PhotoFacets
    Visual Expression Studio is in the process of re-inventing itself. With a new line of business came a new name and a new design is under development.


MiAGon Design has designed, re-designed or been actively involved in the development of over 100 websites since 1999. That is an average of 6.25 website projects per year. MiAGon Design has also designed over 100 logo concepts and final drafts, plus countless website graphics. We have also engaged in the development and integration of social media accounts for many of our clients, as well as providing content and website management for countless clients.


MiAGon Design conducted a website analysis in January 2015 of all websites it has been involved with since 1999 and discovered that 35 of its clients are still operating today under their original names, allowing us to trace their online presence. Of these 35 clients, 25 continue to use our originally designed websites, dating back as early as 2003. Additionally, 12 of these clients receive continuous website maintenance and/or hosting services to date.

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