We Don’t Design Websites

girl-925470_640MiAGon Design does not design websites. Nope. What we do is create beautiful professional online presence for businesses in order to attract new clients and retain existing clients. We provide an exceptional user experience for your visitors through active and effective engagement. We help you through search engine optimization tools and interface with your existing social media accounts. We create a place online that represents you and your business. This is exactly what we do. But, we don’t design websites.

We offer assistance with securing domain names as well as hosting accounts. We help you create social media presences. We even help you update your current website into a beautiful and fully responsive layout that your clients can access from smartphones, tablets and computers, to ensure that they have full access to your business online from anywhere in the world. We do this in a professional and affordable manner. But, we don’t design websites.

Why the play on words? Because MiAGon Design has been in business since 1999 and we really do more than just design a website. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes, that saying we design websites simply does no justice to the value you truly gain from our services. So, while we really do design websites, we do so much more.