October 30, 2015


IMG_8273eMiAGon Design was founded in Southern California in 1997, providing basic website design services to businesses seeking an Internet presence. Two years later, in 1999, MiAGon Design re-located to South Florida as a logo, graphics and web design company, offering professional and affordable web sites for personal and business needs. MiAGon Design established a reputation for providing fully customizable Internet presence solutions for small and medium sized businesses, a market that, at the time, had very few options to fit their budget.┬áBy 2001, MiAGon Design expanded its services to include other aspects of Information Technology including, but not limited to: Technical Support, Consulting, Project Management, Database design and maintenance, Documentation and Technical Writing, Hardware and Software support, etc. Today, MiAGon Design continues to provide the same level of unsurpassed quality and service at the industry’s most affordable rates. MiAGon Design has returned to its logo and website design roots by eliminating the IT services it once offered and focusing on logo, website and social media services.

We have now relocated to Arden, NC and continue our legacy of professional and affordable website solutions. If you are looking for something more than an outsourced and re-used template website shared by countless others, or a five or six figure website is simply too much in both, content and cost, MiAGon Design has the perfect solution for you. For your personal or business needs, contact MiAGon Design today.